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• Evaporative Cooling Pad is a special cellulose paper honeycomb structure material. Its working principle is the natural physical of "water evaporates and absorbs heat".

• Water flows from top to bottom under the action of gravity to form a water film on the corrugated fiber surface of the ECS to absorb the heat in the air and evaporate when the fast-flowing air passes through ECS to achieve the purpose of cooling.

ECS filter the dust or particle significantly with the honeycomb design structure.

• The negative pressure ventilation fan exhaust polluted gas, smoke, odors, heats in the factory.

• It can effectively improve the high-temperature and sweltering environment of the building by lower the temperature in the factory building within 15 minutes, and keep the temperature between 25 °C ~ 29 °C no matter how hot the weather.

• Air entering the room to be lowered by 4~8 °C as long as the installation requirement is met, and is continuously introduced into the room for cooling and avoid heatstroke.

• 95% of the dirty air in the factory exhausted as well since the fresh air circulation at 60 times/hour, indoor air can be renewed as soon as one minute.

ECS allowing the air to circulate indoors and outdoors, increasing the oxygen content of the air. Greatly reduce the occurrence of occupational diseases and improve work efficiency!

ECS has wide applicability, most the crowded places, large heat sources, or places prone to pollution and poor ventilation can play a significant effect, ECS can design corresponding systems according to their different environment sit can blow air or extract air, and it is the best choice for cooling and ventilation in a factory and crowded place.
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